Piazza Scala

Piazza della Scala is the striking location of the architectural complex consisting of Palazzo Beltrami - formerly the headquarters of Banca Commerciale Italiana -, Palazzo Anguissola Antona Traversi and Palazzo Brentani, home of the art collections of Gallerie d'Italia in Milan.

Palazzo Brentani

Palazzo Brentani

Built by 1720 at the request of Giuseppe Brentani, the building was probably inhabited by the family until the early Nineteenth Century, when another Giuseppe – grandson of the original owner – resided there...

Palazzo Anguissola Antona Traversi

“Perhaps the most admired building in Milan”.
This is how in 1841 Luigi Zucoli described Palazzo Anguissola Antona Traversi, the oldest of the three buildings that make up Gallerie d’Italia in Milan...

Palazzo Anguissola Antona Traversi
Facade of Palazzo Beltrami (formerly the headquarters of Banca Commerciale Italiana)

Palazzo Beltrami (formerly the headquarters of Banca Commerciale Italiana)

Having chosen a strategically important area of the city dominated by the town hall of Palazzo Marino and Piermarini’s famous Teatro alla Scala, Banca Commerciale Italiana commissioned Luca Beltrami to build the building; then at the height of his fame, the Milanese architect had already designed the facade of 16th-century Palazzo Marino in 1886.

The garden of Alessandro Manzoni

Open to the public since October 2015, the garden is located between Casa del Manzoni and Palazzo Anguissola Antona Traversi. Walking among the lime and magnolia trees of this green space in the heart of Milan, you might come across some of the contemporary sculptures...

The Garden of Alessandro Manzoni