For schools, for families, for everyone. Every year, Gallerie d’Italia in Milan offers schools and families a series of free educational projects based on art and the emotions it inspires. Prioritising the importance of fun, the training programme aims to inspire and involve all the generations and to stimulate the cognitive, physical and emotional development of everyone.

From the exhibition room to the classroom

At the museum to discover and learn while having fun!

From year to year Gallerie d’Italia in Milan, long committed to making arts accessible to the young, has enriched its educational activities with innovative and dynamic initiatives, developed with different methodologies, that allow for in-depth transversal thematic itineraries, engaging younger visitors and their teachers.

Particular attention is paid to the development of projects to support students with specific disabilities, to make the museum an accessible and welcoming place for all. Activities can take the form of in-person workshops, with creative experiences to carry out independently at school, with tutorials and supporting materials that enable participating classes to complete any work started at the museum independently.

Entry to the museum and participation in the activities is free of charge, though advance booking is required. Please call freephone number 800.167.619, or send an email to milano@gallerieditalia.com to book.

Educational activities and services by Civita Mostre e Musei.

Silent book: Luna at the museum

The silent book Luna at the museum is a publishing initiative dedicated to the painting "Spatial concept. The Moon in Venice" by Lucio Fontana, exhibited at Gallerie d’Italia in Milan. Luna at the museum is a brave and inclusive publishing project, inspired by the poetic imagination of children but also aimed at inquisitive adults. The silent book is the idea of Federica Lamonaca, created together with illustrator Fabrizio Sclavi, in collaboration with the Art, Culture, and Historical Heritage Department of Intesa Sanpaolo and with Edizioni Gallerie d’Italia|Skira. The familiarity that can be gained with images not only helps to guide the reader but also facilitates learning processes through visual memory and contributes to the reader’s creation of a figurative dictionary. This book goes beyond cognitive and sensory barriers and speaks a universal language. Through the panels the museum becomes a space for everyone, a place where you can spend quality time but also experience various emotions.

On this page you can check out the digital materials, downloading and colouring the illustrated panels in black and white:

Explore with Hector

Let Hector, the guard of the Gallerie d'Italia museums, take you on a journey of discovery through the art collection in Milan, with riddles, drawings and lots of creative activities:

  • download the file for the second stage:
A high-speed getaway Gallerie-d-Italia-in-viaggio-con-Hector-Milano-Umberto-Boccioni A high-speed getaway
  • download the file for the fifth stage:
A special party Gallerie-d-Italia-in-viaggio-con-Hector-Milano-Antonio-Canova A special party
  • download the file for the eighth stage:
Romanticism and its emotions Gallerie-d-Italia-in-viaggio-con-Hector-Milano-Francesco-Hayez Romanticism and its emotions

Discover the other stages of Hector’s journey in Naples and Vicenza:

  • download the file for the first stage:
A room with a view for Gaspar Gallerie-d-Italia-in-viaggio-con-Hector-Napoli-Gaspar-van-Wittel A room with a view for Gaspar
  • download the file for the third stage:
Soaring through the clouds Gallerie-d-Italia-in-viaggio-con-Hector-Vicenza-Francesco-Zuccarelli Soaring through the clouds
  • download the file for the fourth stage:
The Neapolitan sculptor Gallerie-d-Italia-in-viaggio-con-Hector-Napoli-Vincenzo-Gemito The Neapolitan sculptor
  • download the file for the sixth stage:
A pot of goodies Gallerie-d-Italia-in-viaggio-con-Hector-Vicenza-Pietro-Longhi A pot of goodies
  • download the file for the seventh stage:
A troubled genius Gallerie-d-Italia-in-viaggio-con-Hector-Napoli-Caravaggio A troubled genius
  • download the file for the ninth stage:
The perfect capriccio Gallerie-d-Italia-in-viaggio-con-Hector-Vicenza-Canaletto The perfect capriccio