Staircase Palazzo Turinetti

Turin, centre of the visual arts

A large new venue for art and culture: five floors mainly dedicated to photography, with a selection of Piedmont Baroque works, with different exhibitions that invite visitors to keep on discovering new things.

The museum

The architectural project designed by Michele De Lucchi - AMDL Circle transforms the spaces of Palazzo Turinetti to create the most recent of the four museum sites, a unique place where photography and video art document and preserve images, events and reflections to promote issues related to the evolution of sustainability.
Opened in May 2022, the museum is home to some of the Bank’s most important collections.

Staircase Palazzo Turinetti
Image of a child’s hand covered in coloured tempera


Gallerie d’Italia - Torino is committed to raising awareness of the visual arts among the young through workshops and courses based on an integrated approach that combines cultural content and digital tools, in line with the educational programmes of the European Commission.