Gallerie d'Italia in Vicenza

In the centre of Vicenza, art amidst the wonders of the Baroque style

The first Intesa Sanpaolo museum, Palazzo Leoni Montanari hosts the Bank’s precious Venetian eighteenth century and Russian icon collections.  Opened to the general public in 1999, the museum holds temporary exhibitions and cultural initiatives for visitors of all ages.


Exhibitions and initiatives

Inside a stunning Baroque building that surprises every visitor with its extravagant structure and decorations in a city that is the birthplace of Palladian architecture, the Gallerie d'Italia host temporary exhibitions ranging from antiquity to contemporary art, inspired by the myths represented in the iconographic scenes painted on the building’s walls and in an attempt to create a dialogue with the museum’s permanent collections. As part of the project for the enhancement of the Bank's collection of Attic and Magna Graecia pottery, a thematic exhibition featuring a specific group of works is proposed every year. Discover the museum’s unique offer of exhibitions and cultural initiatives.
Museo GDI Vicenza, sala interna


The collection of Venetian 18th century paintings, with the ironic genre paintings of Pietro Longhi and the airy canvases of the veduta painters, offers an eye-opening look at the final magnificent period of the Republic of Venice. The collection of Russian icons, one of the most important in the West, displayed with new exhibition criteria, takes visitors on a visual journey into the realm of orthodox spirituality. The building itself is also a treasure trove of exceptional beauty: an invitation to learn about the history of local patronage and the ancient myths used to represent it, in particular through the “tutelary deities” Apollo and Hercules. Get ready to be amazed.