Gallerie d'Italia in Milan

The heart of Milan beats for art

Gallerie d’Italia Milan is made up of three historic buildings in piazza della Scala, via Manzoni and via Morone: a total of 8,300 square metres dedicated to art, architecture and beauty that hosts exhibitions, permanent collections, initiatives and events. 


Exhibitions and initiatives

Discover the incredible cultural offer of Gallerie d'Italia: major exhibitions in collaboration with prestigious Italian and international museums and institutions, exhibitions dedicated to history, photography, and contemporary art, as well as a wide-ranging set of cultural initiatives
Collezione Novecento


Start your discovery of the collections of Gallerie d’Italia in Milan in stunning Piazza della Scala: three historic buildings and exceptional pieces of architecture that house three exhibitions: the Nineteenth Century, which also includes the collections of Fondazione Cariplo, the Cantiere del '900 exhibition dedicated to 20th century art, and The Caveau, once a closed, inaccessible area, now a storage space open to all.