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The Gallerie d’Italia museums are open to everyone and promote the culture of accessibility: with this in mind, we have created inclusive itineraries in collaboration with third-party organisations and associations, projects that underline the museum’s commitment to raising awareness and offering experiences that engage the emotions, overcoming physical, psychological and sensory disabilities to foster social, cultural and linguistic integration. 

Admission is free for visitors with disabilities and their carers. All architectural barriers have removed from the museum spaces and platform lifts and elevators are available for all the visitors.

The access points for visitors with disabilities are marked on the museum map.

Museum map

Museum map - Milan Museum map

Inclusion programmes

Gallerie d'Italia - Milano is committed to making art accessible to vulnerable young people struggling with social, cultural and language difficulties, in particular to those suffering from cognitive and sensory disabilities and neurological problems. Thanks to our partnership with Civita Mostre e Musei, we have launched lots of specific projects to make the museum an open and active environment where everyone can grow. Gallerie d’Italia - Milano has been added to the list of “accessible” regional museums and the museum staff have taken part in the regional training programme “AccessibilMente” with the aim of developing specific skills.

Dedicated initiatives

Gallerie d’Italia - Milano dedicates numerous special projects to vulnerable visitors, paying particular attention to people with physical, cognitive and sensory impairments. These include: For other eyes, an initiative for visually impaired and blind visitors to improve the museum experience with tactile and braille displays and free guided tours. The project has been endorsed by the Visual Rehabilitation Centre of Pavia of IRCCS Fondazione Salvatore Maugeri and Museo Omero of Ancona; Discovering colours, a project for people with colour blindness in collaboration with Fondazione Paolina Brugnatelli.


ART 4.0 project “Discovering colours”, an inclusion project for people with colour blindness

Gallerie d’Italia in Milan and Fondazione Paolina Brugnatelli, a Milanese not-for-profit association that promotes and sponsors numerous initiatives in the field of science and art, with the technical support of EnChroma, creators of glasses for colour blindness, have announced a partnership to improve the experience of visitors affected with this deficiency: long focused on the theme of inclusion for those with visual disabilities, Gallerie d’Italia and Fondazione Paolina Brugnatelli intend to make a significant contribution to the museum experience and the accessibility of art in all its forms.

From 28 October 2022 visitors to Gallerie d'Italia in piazza della Scala, Milan, will be able to use the special corrective EnChroma glasses - as well as a specific map - during their visit in order to experience the exhibition in distinct and vibrant colours for the first time. A special exhibition,  Discovering colours , has been set up within the permanent exhibition spaces dedicated to the 19th century - which also displays works from the Fondazione Cariplo collection - and the 20th century. The exhibition includes paintings by Lucio Fontana, Bruno Munari, Ettore Spalletti, Emilio Vedova, Umberto Boccioni, Giorgio Belloni, etc.
Gallerie d’Italia - Milano is the first Italian museum to offer EnChroma glasses to the public and the first museum in the world to open an exhibition specifically designed to help visitors with colour blindness set about “Discovering colours”.


“EmozionarMi”, a project in collaboration with the Amici del FAI Association

In 2019 the Associazione Amici del FAI together with Gallerie d’Italia launched the first edition of the project “Due voci un’opera” (Two voices, one artwork) devised by Fernanda Vargas. The project focuses on the most relevant works of the museum, proposing a new interpretation performed by the cultural mediators from different countries of the world who, together with the museum guides, narrate the artworks with a new gaze. The new gaze of someone who has come from abroad with one’s own cultural experiences and can therefore create connections between countries and emotional suggestions.

In 2022 the project has found the theme of rebirth as a new “fil rouge”, an ideal itinerary entitled “EmozionarMi” and dedicated to the women in arts, in history and life.
The project has been developed within the “FAI Ponte tra Culture” program for the enhancement of our historical, artistic and cultural heritage even from an anthropological point of view, linking Italy to the rest of the world and revealing mutual influences and connections.

Contact us

For more information on visiting or organising special itineraries for people with physical, cognitive or sensory disabilities, please write to: