App and guided tours


The App


Gallerie d'Italia is the digital guide to Intesa Sanpaolo's museums, which allows users to enjoy an "advanced" visitor experience: an interactive journey among the art masterpieces and exhibition itineraries of the Bank's prestigious museum venues.

The app thus assists users by suggesting the ideal tour route and offering free audio and video content, like a virtual guide, but it can also be used at home to discover the historical buildings, the collections and current exhibitions of the Gallerie d'Italia.

The App has also been designed to interact with the museum spaces and installations thanks to the beacon technology, which allows users to position themselves inside the venues (indoor positioning) and find their way in the exhibition spaces. Furthermore, by scanning QR codes, it will be possible to discover more about the art works, the events and all exclusive content.

Finally, push notifications, if authorized, are used to stay up to date on the initiatives of one's favourite venue or of all four museums.