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Gallerie d'Italia - Vicenza


18 June 2023

Presentation of the new installation with the extraordinary participation of Neri Marcorè


Fall of the Rebel Angels, an eighteenth-century Venetian sculptural masterpiece belonging to the Intesa Sanpaolo collection, is showcased at the Gallerie d'Italia - Vicenza as part of a renewed, evocative display “in a new light”.

In a dedicated room, conceived by lighting designer Pietro Palladino, an original and sophisticated lighting system enhances the sculptor's technical and artistic talent with light while simultaneously amplifying the narrative.

In a newly designed adjoining space, the visitor is led to the discovery of the work through new tools, like tactile reproductions (for use also by the visually impaired), an exciting immersive video, an interview, also in Italian Sign Language, with art historian Monica De Vincenti, and the visual story of the 3D transposition of the sculpture.

The stunning sculptural group, created from a single block of Carrara marble, is made up of about sixty figures perfectly finished in every detail; it represents the celestial combat between the army of Good and the army of Evil, one led by the archangel Michael and the other by Lucifer, as narrated in the book of Revelation (12, 7-8)

 In winter 2021-2022, it was one of the featured works in the exhibition Inferno, by Jean Clair, organised by the Scuderie del Quirinale in Rome to celebrate Dante's 700th anniversary. The Roman exhibition offered the opportunity to further studies on the masterpiece. In particular, Monica De Vincenti and Simone Guerriero attributed the masterpiece, previously previously ascribed to Agostino Fasolato, to the ingenuity and skill of the better-known Venetian sculptor and foundryman Francesco Bertos. The fame of the sculptural group, which had grown and been witnessed over the centuries, was in fact not matched by that of its creator, about whose life little was known.


Immerse yourself in the masterpiece to discover details of the work

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Discover the immersive experience of the masterpiece Fall of the rebel angels
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