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App and guided tours

The App

Gallerie d’Italia is the digital guide to the new Intesa Sanpaolo museum in Turin which allows users to enjoy an “advanced” visitor experience: the user will be taken on an interactive journey to discover the Bank’s new cultural hub, Gallerie d’Italia -Torino, with an itinerary that ranges from temporary exhibitions on internationally renowned photographers to the history of the last century revealed through photographs stored in the Publifoto Archive, and the permanent collection of Piedmont art housed on the "Piano Nobile".

The app therefore assists users during their visit with exclusive contents (such as audio storytelling) and background information, just like a virtual guided tour, and can also be used at home to discover Gallerie d’Italia - Torino.

The app has also been designed for interaction with the museum areas and installations, thanks to beacon technology which allows the users to position themselves inside the museum (indoor positioning), receive news about museum events, and find their way around the underground areas. Furthermore, by scanning the QR codes scattered around the exhibition, it is possible to see the information cards of the works.

Users can also download up to 10 images from the immense collection of 20th century photos digitalised by the Publifoto Archive by interacting with the "Archivio Vivo" installation. 

Guided tours

Book a guided tour for yourself or your group to visit the temporary exhibitions and permanent collections of Gallerie d’Italia. Groups can have a maximum of 25 people.

You can choose between:

  • guided tours in Italian: €80 per group
  • guided tours in a foreign language: €100 per group