Mimmo Jodice. Senza tempo


Gallerie d'Italia - Torino


From 29 June 2023 to 7 January 2024


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Mimmo Jodice's exhibition Senza tempo is the second chapter of the project “La Grande Fotografia Italiana” (The Great Italian Photography), launched in 2022 with the exhibition of Lisetta Carmi. This project was created to pay tribute to the great masters of photography in Italy. The exhibition projects also involve another artist alongside the chosen author, in this case Mario Martone, the famous director and author, who has directed and shot a documentary on the life of his friend and countryman Mimmo Jodice, which is being screened in the exhibition rooms for the first time.

Born in Naples in 1934, Jodice approached photography attracted by its ability to create visions. It is a refined and intimate process, nourished by his personal memories, by an existence lived in a city like Naples, both dazzling and secret, made up of places and memories to be unveiled and understood. In short, the exhibition is dedicated to Mimmo Jodice's unique ability to show us reality seen through the filter of a different, suspended time.



The exhibition offers a significant synthesis of Jodice's production, retracing the main inspirational themes of his art in as many sections of the exhibition, Anamnesi, Linguaggi, Vedute di Napoli, Città, Natura, Mari, through 80 photographs taken between 1964 and 2011, including some of the iconic works that have definitively attested to the greatness of the Neapolitan master. From photos immortalising statues and mosaics, vestiges of ancient Mediterranean civilisations, to an experimental and conceptual interest in the language of photography; from urban views of Naples and other contemporary metropolises, filled with absence and silence, in which - as the author writes – “reality and my inner vision coincide”, to the transfigurations of the natural landscape and the poignant melancholy of its seas. The section entitled Natura, with works on display for the first time, adds a new chapter to his research. 

There will be a rich schedule for the #INSIDE public programme, scheduled to take place in conjunction with the exhibition from October on Wednesday evenings at 6.30 p.m., with free events open to the public.


Discover the teaser of Mario Martone's video "Mimmo Jodice"



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