One Museum. Four hubs.

The heart and soul of the Gallerie d’Italia museums are expressed through a new visual identity that conveys a strong, clear message of the importance of sharing and inclusion, that has been developed over the years, one exhibition at a time, one project after another, while always looking ahead to the future.

In keeping with the desire to constantly evolve and to keep up with the changes and requirements of modern society, Gallerie d’Italia have chosen the year 2022 to renew their image on the occasion of two highly significant events, namely: the opening of the new museum in Turin, and the inauguration of the museum’s new venue in Naples. The past may encounter the present through beauty, forcing us to reflect on the future and instigate change.

The Gallerie d’Italia’s museums are places where an open dialogue can be held with the citizens of Milan, Naples, Turin and Vicenza, and with all those who come to visit: places where cultural, social and human values are generated. It is no coincidence that the new logo chosen for the four museums is a round arch representing an open door to the art world, through which all can enter, even if only briefly, to discover the infinite beauty of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group’s collection of artworks and the architectural delights of the buildings holding these works.

Gallerie d’Italia’s new logo, created by Michele De Lucchi-AMDL Circle, is also in conceptual keeping with Intesa Sanpaolo’s symbol and with the arches featured in the bank’s pictogram.