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The Gallerie d’Italia museums are open to everyone and promote the culture of accessibility: with this in mind, we have created inclusive itineraries in collaboration with third-party organisations and associations, projects that underline the museum’s commitment to raising awareness and offering experiences that engage the emotions, overcoming physical, psychological and sensory disabilities to foster social, cultural and linguistic integration. 

Admission is free for visitors with disabilities and their carers. All architectural barriers have removed from the museum spaces and platform lifts and elevators are availablefor all the visitors.

The access points for visitors with disabilities are marked on the museum map.


Museum map

Museum map - Naples Museum map

Where we are

The museum is located at via Toledo, 177.


Line 1: alight at Toledo or Municipio.


Central line: alight at Augusteo.


Lines E6 and R2: alight at Teatro San Carlo.

Inclusion programmes

Gallerie d'Italia - Napoli is committed to making art accessible to vulnerable young people struggling with social, cultural and language difficulties, in particular those that suffer from cognitive and sensory disabilities and neurological problems. Thanks to our partnership with Civita Mostre e Musei, we have launched lots of specific projects to make the museum an open and active environment where everyone can grow.

Dedicated initiatives

Gallerie d’Italia - Napoli dedicates numerous special projects to vulnerable visitors, paying particular attention to people with physical, cognitive and sensory impairments. These include initiatives for visually impaired and blind visitors to improve the museum experience with tactile and braille displays and free guided tours. 

Following a major training programme involving the Italian National Agency for the Deaf (Provincial Section of Naples) and the University Service for the Activities of Students with Disabilities of the Suor Orsola Benincasa University in Naples, which coordinates the “Napoli tra le Mani” network that Gallerie d’Italia - Napoli belongs to, guided visits in Italian Sign Language are also available.
Visits in Italian Sign Language (LIS) can be booked  by calling the freephone number 800.167.619 or by email at the following address :

Angsa Campania (a branch of the National Association of Parents of Autistic People) provided special training for education staff at Gallerie d’Italia - Napoli and helped come up with courses aimed at promoting the participation of classes with pupils affected by autism and Asperger's syndrome.

All tours have been designed with the support of experts and associations based on the characteristics and specific needs of the visitors concerned.

Visitors may choose to explore the entire museum in just one visit, or attend a series of events to enjoy the various educational activities on offer. In both cases, the programmes are tailored to meet the specific needs of each group.


Contact us

For more information on visiting or organising special itineraries for people with physical, cognitive or sensory disabilities, write to: