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The collection The Twentieth Century is currently dedicated entirely to Mario Schifano. The permanent collection will be reallocated at the end of the exhibition Mario Schifano: the new imaginary. 1960 1990.

The Twentieth Century

A series of rooms overlooking via Toledo, on the same level, offers visitors a second route to follow: here, a selection of works from Intesa Sanpaolo’s 20th century art collection, curated by Luca Massimo Barbero, takes visitors on a remarkable chronological journey through the years between the post-war period and modern times. The selection dedicated to the Twentieth Century brings together works by artists who played a central role in the contemporary art experience and had a specific interest in Naples and its cultural environment; a city which, even today, maintains a fervent relationship with artists, galleries and collectors from the modern and contemporary art scenes. Leading names include Lucio Fontana, Alberto Burri, Piero Manzoni, Mario Schifano, Jannis Kounellis, Sol LeWitt, Afro and Ernesto Tatafiore. Some of the rooms in this section are dedicated to temporary initiatives designed to inspire dialogue and comparison, in terms of similarities and differences, with the works in the permanent collection.


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Richter Gerhard, Abstraktes Bild (1984), oil on canvas