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Damiani 100 x 100 Italiani


Gallerie d'Italia - Milan


From March 19, to April 28 2024


On the occasion of the Milano Design Week (15-21 of April), Gallerie d’Italia hosts the exhibition Damiani 100 X 100 Italiani that celebrates Damiani's first century, a prestigious milestone for the historic Valenza based company, representing Italian excellence today as much as 100 years ago. 100 years for 100 masterpieces of goldsmith's art that highlight Damiani's Italian identity, the blend of creativity, manufacturing, thinking, art, good taste and culture.

Italianness is the narrative theme of this exhibition, understood as a set of values, aesthetics, poetics, arts and crafts that defines and represents the spirit of our wonderful country and has inspired the masterpieces of countless artists over the centuries. The Renaissance artists, craftsmen and humanists interpreted Italianness as 'beautiful and well-made', and it is in this meaning that the origins of Damiani's goldsmith's art can be traced. In the words of Leon Battista Alberti such an art is characterised by concinnitas, the harmony between form and use, beauty and purpose.

Italianness is in Damiani's DNA, a total and absolute, one hundred per cent Italian identity. The area Damiani comes from, Valenza, is acknowledged all over the world as the epicentre of the best Italian goldsmithing and repository of a centuries-old heritage of techniques and knowledge. Craftsmanship, elegant and harmonious taste, precious workmanship, creative design, and contemporary experimentation, make Damiani jewellery the emblem of Italian style.

The exhibition displays 100 masterpieces, the ‘summa’ of 100 years of Damiani's history portrayed through the five values of Italianness: family, represented by the Damiani's in the video recounting the history of three generations of jewellers and their dreams, love and success; mastery, showcased by the Mimosa collection; creativity, expressed by the Margherita collection; history, illustrated by the Belle Époque collection; passion, symbolized by the Fantasy Cut collection.