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Through her eyes. Timeless strength in Milan


Gallerie d'Italia - Milano, Chiostro ottagono


From 19 September to 26 November 2023


Max Vadukul's photography exhibition, curated by Claudio Dell'Olio, opens at Gallerie d'Italia - Milano to coincide with Milan Fashion Week in September. The exhibition is a journey into timeless femininity, featuring the ethereal Ludmilla as muse and sole protagonist. Her magnetic presence and strength make her the backbone of the exhibition, complementing Max's extraordinary art. The photographer's vision of Ludmilla is multifaceted: daughter, wife, mother, seductress, working woman. Absorbed and detached, sad and pensive, but also strong, self-confident and successful. Vadukul shows that a woman is an infinite kaleidoscope of perspectives and different worlds that cannot be immortalised in a single shot. She is simultaneously everything, she holds life in her womb and the future in her hands. Max's art is a tribute to the history of women, evoking a feeling of eternal respect in the heart of the viewer. Max rejects the artifice of digital retouching, inviting viewers to explore the emotions and narratives behind each photograph, as a testimony to the untamed beauty and strength of women.