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The Caveau

Like any other bank, the former Banca Commerciale Italiana also had its own vault for storing highly valuable items and materials.

Designed by Luca Beltrami in the early 1900s, the large area is dominated by a unique, symmetrical compositional design: the space is supported by two majestic Doric columns, each featuring a frieze with triglyphs. The cast-iron detailing, staircase and walkway balustrade reflect the style and plant motif of the grand staircase railings on the upper floor, showcasing the architectural design’s outstanding coherence.

Though the vault no longer contains safety deposit boxes, it houses items that are just as valuable: around 500 paintings belonging to the Intesa Sanpaolo collection. The works of art are hung on sliding mesh panels, with an excellent system for storage and conservation installed, designed to keep the works displayed to visitors, almost as if to form unexpected exhibition pathways.

The vault can be visited by reservation only as part of guided tours.
As you head down to the lower floor to drop off your bags or rucksacks, don’t forget to take a peek inside the vault; through the metal gate, you might be able catch a glimpse of pieces that cannot currently be displayed in the museum halls but which may take centre stage in future exhibitions.


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