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One book, many schools

Procida, Gallerie d’Italia museums in Milan, Turin, Vicenza and Naples, and the Turin Book Fair

From Turin to Procida, a journey through the Gallerie d'Italia museums

MILAN Gallerie d’Italia: 25 March 

VICENZA Gallerie d’Italia: 22 April 

TURIN Gallerie d’Italia: 18 May 

TURIN Book Fair: 21 May (Bookstock Arena)  

NAPLES Gallerie d’Italia: 27 May 

One book, many schools:shared reading project promoted by the Salone Internazionale del Libro di Torino, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Einaudi and Intesa Sanpaolo. The aim of the project is to reach out to many students and generate a discussion about how we can understand ourselves and the time in which we live, by reading novels that have become cornerstones of Italian fiction.

 “From Turin to Procida, a journey through the Gallerie d'Italia museums”

- MILAN Gallerie d’Italia: 25 March

- VICENZA Gallerie d’Italia: 22 April

- TURIN Gallerie d’Italia – 18 May

- TURIN Salone del Libro – 21 May  (Bookstock Arena)

- NAPLES Gallerie d’Italia: 27 May 

2nd edition: Arturo's Island by Elsa Morante - published by La libreria del Salone

Students and adults in reading Arturo's Island through a series of podcasts.  Each of these will focus on a different aspect of Elsa Morante's poetic style and themes, providing their own interpretation and a specific approach to the work written by the first woman to win the Strega Prize.

This year, the project will include a stage-by-stage journey, starting from the island of Procida and ending in Turin during the Salone del Libro, travelling up through the country with a series of readings in which authors will meet school students face-to-face at the Gallerie d’Italia museums in Naples, Vicenza, Milan and Turin.

Locations: Procida, Gallerie d’Italia museums in Milan, Turin, Vicenza and Naples, and the Salone del Libro

 “From Turin to Procida, a journey through the Gallerie d'Italia museums”


Friday 25 March, 11:30 – GdI Milan

The archipelago of relationships 

With: Vittorio Lingiardi

Few books convey the power of bonds quite like Arturo’s Island. Fathers who seem like heroes but end up being mere absentees, loneliness and impossible love. The difficulties of coming-of-age, discussed by one of Italy's greatest psychoanalysts.

Friday 22 April, 11:30 – GdI Vicenza

Morante and her story

With: Antonella Lattanzi

A journey into the society and literary culture of those years, for a better understanding of roots and background, and to explore the leading figures.

Wednesday 18 May, 11:30 – GdI Turin

The world saved by kids

With: Angela Bubba 

Arthur's perspective first dismantles then rebuilds the world. Akin to the way in which younger generations are demanding a different world, his is a perspective able to embrace new paradigms. A lesson in generational relations: a “wild” youth forcibly driven to change.

Saturday 21 May, 10:30 Turin – Salone del Libro (Bookstock Arena)

Where does the island begin? 

With: Telmo Pievani

Where does Arturo end and the island begin? How do we interpret the boundaries between human beings and their environment? Literature as a tool for deciphering nature.

Friday 27 May, 11:30 – GdI Naples

In Elsa’s study    

With: Giulia Caminito and Giuliana Zagra

Giuliana Zagra was, for many years, the custodian of Morante's archive. An event delving into her papers and notes, aimed at getting a closer look at her work as a writer.

Extra content to be published on the Fair’s channels in the second half of April

Elsa Morante. One island, one woman with: Valeria Parrella

In order to make the classes' work on the novel visible and to enable viewpoints to be exchanged and shared, students and teachers will be able to publish essays and reviews in the project-specific area on Bookblog, the shared space provided by the Fair for teenagers and schools. Here, many thoughts on The Plague by Albert Camus have already been shared.

The great journey into Arturo’s Island will conclude at the 34th edition of the Book Fair, with a collective event open to all the girls and boys involved in the project, in which guests who remain involved with Elsa Morante's works will be invited to speak.