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Linee di Energia Conference 2022


Live-streamed event


18 November 2022, from 16:00 to 18:00

On Friday 18 November from 16:00 to 18:00, a live-streamed digital conference organised by Intesa Sanpaolo, the “La Venaria Reale” Conservation and Restoration Center and Associazione IGIIC - the Italian Group of the International Institute for Conservation will take place as part of the 2022 edition of Artissima:
Transmission channels of time.
Beyond photography. Producing, creating and preserving photographic imagery.

From the introduction of the very first digital camera to the market in 1981 to the emergence and spread of the World Wide Web in the 1990s and everything this entailed in terms of human behaviour, right up to the introduction, in 2000, of mobile phones with built-in cameras capable of sending images wirelessly, the presence of photography – and, to a certain extent, its very nature – has changed dramatically over time. It is no coincidence that, from the new century onwards, studies have increasingly referred to the concept of "“post-photography”", which is understood as a language that, while based on the foundations of historical photography, was born in and moves through a digital world in which even more traditional subjects and practices like the publication, sharing and archiving of photographic images – of whatever nature, public or private, professional or amateur etc. – are redefined based on the new context in which they exist.

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