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Linee di Energia: call for abstract




Deadline March 31, 2023

Beyond photography.
The photographic image between production, creation and conservation

With the two appointments entitled " From the photographic object to the immaterial image" (2021) and " Beyond photography. The photographic image between production, creation and conservation ” (2022), a reflection on the photographic object has begun , introducing a more specific attention to the materials and techniques of the image. Starting from these two meetings, which welcomed the contributions of some particularly important figures in the field of artistic production, curatorship and the history of photography, we intend to continue the process by questioning the various professional figures (conservatories, restorers, archive curators and collections) that are in contact with the material evidence of this type of production. The call for abstract is therefore aimed at collecting contributions that allow us to grasp the peculiarities (technical and conceptual) linked to the conservation and transmission of the work of art photographic.

The selection of the abstracts will be carried out by the scientific committee of "Linee di Energia" and the selected contributions will be presented during a study day to be held in June 2023.

The call for abstract aims to bring together reflections and testimonies, placing the focus of attention on the qualification of the "photographic object" as a means of artistic expression and historical, social and cultural testimony.

Added to this are all the activities dedicated to the conservation and protection of original productions and to those archiving processes intended to order and defend the presence and memory of materials linked to the photographic language in its various forms.


Artists, historians and art critics, curators, conservators and restorers and all those who, in some way, are actively involved in the understanding, safeguarding and transmission of the photographic work and/or in the reorganization of archives and/or photographic collections.

Thematic strands of the call for abstract

·       The nature of the photographic work in its conception of "authenticity" and "originality"

·       Technical problems and intervention methodologies for the conservation and restoration of photography (also starting from individual cases, which can be considered particularly relevant due to their exemplary nature)

·       From analogue to digital (and vice versa): the transition from the photographic object to the immaterial image as an aesthetic process and as a form of conservation/documentation

·       The relationship between time and photography, both in the sense of recording and documenting a temporal phenomenon, and in the vocation of preserving and transmitting the image to the future.


The deadline for the call for abstract is set for March 31, 2023.
For info and to send the abstract click here Linee di Energia or write to:



“Linee di Energia” is the conference program dedicated to the production, conservation and transmission of contemporary works of art, organized by Intesa Sanpaolo, IGIIC - Italian Group of the International Institute for Conservation, and Fondazione Centro Conservazione Restauro “The Venaria Reale”.

Having completed the first three years, dedicated to Italian artistic production in the 1960s, 70s and 80s, the project now aims to explore some topics concerning photographic production, the forms of film and video processing applied to art and the new techniques for creating image.

As with previous editions, "Linee di Energia" maintains its distinctive formula which consists in involving all the interlocutors involved in the life process of the work of art: artists, art historians and critics, museum curators and institutions, conservatories and restorers.