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Cortona on the Move

Cortona On The Move

From 14 July to 02 October 2022

Festival 2022

“ME, MYSELF AND EYE”, the twelfth edition of the Cortona On The Move international photography festival, is opening to the public, with dozens of exhibitions across the historic town centre, the Fortezza Medicea del Girifalco and new locations.

Through its exhibitions, the festival reflects on authorship, perspective and legitimacy, and on how subjects and objects intersect, collide and eventually coexist. By looking at these dynamics, the concept of photography as a means of expression and sharing is called into question. Cortona On The Move continues its research into documentary photography, with a focus on the continuously evolving medium of visual language.
An exhibition by photographer Walter Niedermayr entitled Transformations / Dialogue between self and place was organised in partnership with Intesa Sanpaolo.

The subject of Walter Niedermayr’s work is always an environment, whether natural or artificial. The photographic image is endowed with the task of revealing the selected environment as a field of tensions, questions and enigmatic transformations, with the camera lens searching for fleeting, chaotic, always reticent signs.
Niedermayr’s photographs and videos always aim to “show” rather than “shoot” something that indisputably sits in front of the lens but is at the same time the result of invisible, off-screen processes.

The Cortona On The Move festival, organised by the ONTHEMOVE cultural association, takes place under the patronage of the Region of Tuscany and the municipality of Cortona. Supported by main partners Intesa Sanpaolo and Gallerie d'Italia, the festival also receives contributions from its partners Fondazione CR Firenze and Autolinee Toscane, as well as its charitable partner Doctors Without Borders.