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Lorenzo Lotto Pellegrino Tibaldi


Cuneo - Complesso Monumentale di San Francesco


From November 25 2023 to 1 April 2024


Until June 30, 2024, admission ticket holders will have access to Galleria d'Italia's four locations with reduced tickets.

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Masterpieces from the Holy House of Loreto


Lorenzo Lotto Pellegrino Tibaldi. Masterpieces from the Holy House of Loreto, the exhibition, is  open to the public from 25 November 2023 to 1 April 2024, promoted by Intesa Sanpaolo and Fondazione CRC, organised by Mondo Mostre and hosted at the Complesso Monumentale di San Francesco in Cuneo.

The new exhibition presents seven paintings by Lorenzo Lotto (Venice, 1480 - Loreto, 1556) which, together, make up the artist's so-called “Lauretan cycle”, arranged when he was still alive in the Choir Chapel of the Church of Santa Maria di Loreto, and two frescoes removed and transferred to canvas by Pellegrino Tibaldi (Puria, 1527 - Milan, 1596), originally painted for the Chapel of San Giovanni in the same church in Loreto. All nine works on display come from the Museo Pontificio Santa Casa di Loreto.

The exhibition, curated by Vito Punzi, director of the Museo Pontificio Santa Casa di Loreto, aims to provide an opportunity to indicate new avenues of research into the possible mutual influences between Lotto and Tibaldi, two artists with different cultures, given the albeit brief period shared by the two in the Loreto workshop, which has only recently been investigated.

Worthy of note among the works by Lotto on display, are St. Michael drives out Lucifer, presented to the public for the first time after restoration, completed in September this year, and Adoration of the Child, restored as part of Restituzioni 2016, the programme to defend and enhance Italy's heritage promoted and curated by Intesa Sanpaolo.